Barbecue is known to have originated in the United States and is considered an art form. Discovery claims are widespread around the world. The idea of roasting meat over coals has been done since fire was discovered by man. However, others say that if grilling has a country of origin, it is probably Canada. Early Canadian natives were known to be experts in this kind of cooking meat.

It is said that grilling started in the 1800s by a cowboy who cooked his sinewy and tough meat over hot charcoals in order to tenderize it. Others say that the Taino Indians, natives living in the Bahamas invented grilling. It is said that they hunted animals and cooked them in different ways, among them is ‘barbacoa’ in their native dialect. Barbacoa is done through smoking meat with a certain utensil where meat is placed while roasted or grilled on fire.

In France, ‘barbe a queue refers to grilling or roasting an entire pig. In the year 1773, Benjamin Lynde from Massachusetts mentioned in his diary about some kind of ‘barbacue’ party he attended. Although there are many claims as to the beginnings of grilling, most people agree that the Tainos were the first one who uses grilling as a method of cooking.

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