The benefits of outdoor grilling make the activity more worthwhile. A grilled meat retains most of its natural flavor, thus the family will be able to prepare a healthy meal. Grilling eliminates the need for sodium-filled condiments and a great way to prepare filled veggies. Food grilled outside is delicious due to the intense fire heat and the grate helping to caramelize the food surface.

Cooking on a gas or charcoal grill can save on energy costs. Remember that cooking indoors during summer increases the costs of air conditioning and the cost of using stove is easily offset by the low cost of grilling outdoors. Moreover, outdoor grilling is a wonderful way to bring the whole family to the dinner table. Cookouts make a fun atmosphere, turning the regularly dinners to summer family occasions.

Outdoor grilling does not only mean turning a burger. There is great versatility to grilling outdoors from indirect heat roast to direct heat searing, from smoker cooking, to rotisserie cooking. There is also versatility of recipes to outdoor grilling. Most cuisine around the world, in every country and cooking style has recipes that include cooking on a grill or barbecue. There is an endless list of recipes, from simple to the most elaborate gourmet.

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