The Martini has been a popular drink for such a long time. Through the years, it has also evolved and now available in many different flavors. One of the beloved Martini variations with several different recipes. If you want to make a Blue Martini for your next get-togethers and parties, here are some recipes you might want to consider.

The first one requires ingredients which include 15 ml. Blue Curacao Liquor, 60 ml. Vodka, 10 ml. lime juice, 6 ice cubes and small wedge of lime or lemon. Pour Curacao and Gin into a cocktail shaker, add ice and shake thoroughly. Rub the martini glass rim with the lime or lemon wedge, strain and pour contents of the cocktail shaker to a martini glass. Finish by putting a lemon twist on the martini glass rim.

For the next recipe, you will need 1 pat Blue Curacao, 6 parts Vodka, cocktail olive and 1 dash Angostura bitters. Chill a martini glass by putting a little water and few ice cubes and chill. Pour liquid ingredients to a Martini shaker together with some ice cubes. Shake well and strain to the chilled martini glass and then garnish with cocktail olives and then serve.

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