If you want something sinfully delicious, then try the Chocolate Martini. Indulge in your love for chocolate by creating a delicious chocolate martini. Most recipes include vodka mixed with something chocolaty such as the Crème de Cacao or Godiva Liquor. The chocolate martini is one of the tastiest martinis around. There are several methods of making chocolate martinis and all of them are simply delicious.

In making a delicious chocolate martini you would need things such as vodka, cocktail shaker, Godiva chocolate liquor, ice, O’Reilly’s white chocolate, chocolate syrup and martini glass. Place the martini glass in the freezer to chill. Fill shaker halfway with ice, add ¾ shot Godiva chocolate liquor, 1 shot vodka, ½ shot O’Reilly’s white chocolate. Shake vigorously and long enough to get small ice chips from the ice mixed in the drink. Get the glass from the freezer and line the inside with chocolate syrup, then pour into the freshly mixed drink and enjoy.

You should find a few mixes at your nearest liquor shop. All you have to do is to add vodka and you are set to make a truly delicious chocolate martini. This martini recipe is great for various get-togethers and parties. There are many ways to make a chocolate martini so make sure to find more recipes for your family and friends to enjoy.

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