A martini is a mixed drink that combines gin and vodka with vermouth and usually served with olives. Martini is one drink that each and every bartender and avid drinker should know. There are several ways to make martinis and there are so many variations. You can use vodka, gin or add vermouth.

Martini is created by simply mixing all ingredients together, stirring for a couple of minutes and then strain into chilled martini glasses with the garnish of your choice. Some opt to have it dry where a bartender puts in more amounts of vermouth. Vermouth is a wine infused with various kinds of spices and herbs. Although there are various kinds of vermouth, the dry vermouth is particularly used in martinis.

Another martini type is the bone dry or dessert martini, named so sine it does not have vermouth at all. Another is the Gibson martini, which uses onions for garnish. It uses gin for base liquid and dry vermouth for a bit of modification. Another martini kind is the ‘perfect’ martini which uses equal parts of dry and sweet vermouth. This type of drink is perfect for those who like a sweet twist to the usual drink.

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