Martini is where the party is! The classic Martini is made of 2 ounces vodka or gin and dry vermouth. The vermouth added defines its dryness, the less vermouth, the drier it is. Avid martini drinkers are very particular about the degree of dryness they want. Martini aficionados and bartenders usually often try to outdo each other when it comes to serving the driest martini drink possible.

One way to make a dry Martini is to pour vodka or gin in a shaker, wave the vermouth bottle over the top and fill a small perfume mister with vermouth to create a fine mist. Use an empty martini glass and add a splash of vermouth. Try to swirl it around the glass to the walls of the glass are coated. After this, toss out the excess vermouth and ad chilled vodka or gin.

Now, fill a shot glass with vermouth and you can have your drink very dry, the way you want it. This is just one drink option with a Martini. If you prefer sweet Martini, there are several recipes you can find on the internet and make your own drink with the desired flavor you want. A party is never complete without a Martini, so experiment, explore and you will be able to make the perfect Martini blend for an unforgettable party!

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