Flavored Martinis add more spice, color and fun to a party or a get-together. Martini drinks are extreme variations of the classic Martini drink and are considered as neat drinks or cocktails. Most flavored martinis do not contain vermouth or gin but are filled with every imaginable flavor in the bar.

One of the many flavored martinis that will surely complete your gatherings include the Mozzarella Martini with fresh tomato Consomme. Check out how to make this great-tasting flavored martini! For this drink you will need 3 pounds of vine-ripened tomatoes and ½ tomato cut into 4 wedges, fresh mozzarella bocconcini, freshly ground pepper and gray salt, 4 cherry tomatoes, olive oil, 8 large fresh basil leaves cut fine.

In your preparation, you will need ample amount of tomato water to fill the martini glass, around five to nine ounces. Chill the glass in the freezer or refrigerate an hour before serving. Peel, seed, chop the tomatoes, and season lightly with salt and pepper. Place in a sieve over a bowl and refrigerate for a few hours. When   the tomatoes release the liquid, it drops to the bowl, giving a gin-clear liquid with plenty of flavour. Season the tomato water with salt, pepper to taste, and refrigerate until it is very cold.

Cut in half the bocconcini and thread a tomato wedge, cherry tomato onto wooden skewers around four to five inches long. Flavor with salt and pepper and drizzle with basil oil. Divide the tomato liquid among the chilled glasses, balance the skewers on top of the martini glasses, sprinkle the basilchiffonade over the skewers, and serve right away. This recipe is good for four persons.

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