We all know that Martini can mix with almost anything. But, did you know that mixing a health fruit in a martini can help you prevent any diseases? Yes, you heard me right. Mixing a citrus fruit can make you life living a healthy one. While you’re enjoying the taste of your alcohol drink, you can assure the health benefits of it.  Mixing a sour or citrus fruit in a martini became popular these days. Chef or bartender tries hard to make new recipes everyday using healthy fruits or even yourself; you can experiment any healthy fruit at home with your martini. Some of fruits have a rich source of antioxidants which is good to our system. You don’t have to worry your diet; with this simple experiment we can prevent our selves having diseases or illnesses.

Drinking a healthy fruit martini is extremely tasty and refreshing. Imagine the health benefits that a fruit can provide. Take a pomegranate for an example; recent researchers have strongly proved that it has an important role in increasing the natural immunity of your body. Pomegranate food helps in preventing the heart diseases, lowering the cholesterol, preventing strokes and bringing down high blood pressure. Having these kind of fruit do not contain any artificial sweeteners. So many people are preferring fruit martinis than other drinks these days.

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