If you want to taste the excite feeling of martini, I guess you should need to be familiar of what kind of martini you are looking for.

Towards purist, a martini is always about gin and never about vodka. A martini with vodka as its soul is called a vodkatini. Furthermore, even a martini crafted from gin but “tarnished” with flavors or possibly a different type of garnish is not really considered a pure or traditional martini.

A martini is considered a plain, exposed and honest drink. It can be acceptable for a martini being garnished with a lemon peel or a skewered olive with a pick.

When olive juice is added to the naked martini, it is said to be a dirty martini.

Dry out vermouth is preferred to accompany gin in the martini. Dry out vermouth, generally known as French vermouth, is known for a pale gold color and a touch of sugar. It really is the transforming ingredient in the martini.

There are two other types of vermouth: sweet and half-sweet.
Sweet Vermouth, sometimes referred to as Italian vermouth, can be white (bianco) or red (rosso). It is three times as sweet as dry vermouth.

Half-sweet vermouth, also referred to as semi-sweet vermouth, is spicy and can also be white or red.
Now, If you are of the newer martini drinking class, you may still prefer your martini with vodka. Vermouth was instituted, as you now know, to cut the edge off of the gin. However, vermouth is not really needed in a vodka martini since vodka lacks as distinctive a taste as gin.

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