Grilling is a method of cooking a meal over a hot grate screen or barrier. While grilling is simple, it has become a very popular food trend around the world. When it comes to grilling, people want to continue improving on making new taste. Learn some simple yet fabulous grilling techniques to enhance the flavor of your meal.

When grilling, it would be a good idea to lightly brush the grill with oil over your heat source. This technique is important to help prevent the food from sticking to the grill and helps keep the grill seasoned well. When using charcoal grills, make certain that the coals are arranged in way that there are different heat levels available. You would need an area to keep the food warm while the rest is cooking.

Keep all your grilling tools nearby and available including tongs, charcoal, basting brush, oven mitt, aluminum foil and wire grill brush for cleaning. For a charcoal grill, spread the briquettes in a single layer to give the enough fire to cook for an hour. When your fire is ready, you can add several hardwood chips of fresh herbs to add flavor to your meal. Refrain from using wood scraps from construction sites since they could contain toxic chemicals. Citrus fruit rinds and fresh herbs add a wonderful taste to your fire.

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