Grilled recipes are extremely popular, particularly in summer. Almost all who on food network is about the most popular grilling recipes.  When it comes to grilling food, it is easy to follow a few rules. Always remember to keep food safe. Make sure that you grill meats to safe temperatures and discard leftover marinade when not in use or boil it for about two minutes before you serve it as a sauce. Never place cooked meats on the platter that contains raw food.

Take time to learn all you need to know about grilling. The instruction manual provides information on how to control the grill temperature, when the grill is ready for cooking and the best ways to heat coals. Do not forget that you should never try to grill indoors or even your garage. This is because of the presence of harmful carbon monoxide gas that can build up fast.

Put the grill in a safe place and far from children and pets. Make sure the place is a nonflammable solid surface. Be extra careful when discarding used coals. Place the coals in a metal container when they cool and monitor the grill ‘til the fire is thoroughly out. Enjoy grilling this summer and use it to cook mouth-watering food for the entire family.

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