Grilling or barbecue  is said to have come from the US and is also considered as a form of art. Claims of discovering grilling are widespread throughout the world. Roasting meat over hot coals has been done ever since man discovered fire. Nonetheless, others claim that if grilling comes from a certain country, it is likely to be Canada. Canadian natives were known to be the experts in this method of cooking.

Grilling began in 1800s by a cowboy who cooked a tough meat over hot coals to make it tender. Still, other people insist that the Taino Indians, the natives who lived n the Bahamas were the ones who invented grilling. Tainos are said to be hunting animals and cooking them n various ways, among their style of cooking is ‘barbacoa’. It is done by smoking meat with a particular utensil where the meat is placed while grilled or roasted on hot coals.

‘Barbe a queue’ in France means roasting or grilling a whole pig. In 1773, the diary of Benjamin Lynde in Massachusetts revealed that he attended some type of ‘barbacue’ party. While there are so many claims as to the history of grilling, many people will agree that the Taino Indians were the first to use grilling as a way of cooking.

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