There are some drinks that not only look and sound pretty but taste pretty too. A delightfully simple cocktail, the French Martini made with only three ingredients, combines the raspberry and pineapple flavors with subtle vodka, culminating in a fruity and pink drink. This is a great martini variation that is perfect after a day at work, after dinner or during your parties. You can make your own French Martini in no time at all. Here are two recipes you should check out.

Ingredients you need include 2 ½ cups vodka, 2 cups fresh pineapple juice, 2 teaspoons raspberry liquor and ¼ cup vermouth. Mix all ingredients in a cocktail shaker then fill a martini glass with ice. Pour the cocktail over the ice and enjoy.

The next recipes requires items such as ice, martini glass, soda water, martin shake with cover, vodka, strainer, raspberry liquor, lemon twist and pineapple juice. Chill a martini glass by filling with equal parts soda water and ice; fill the shake with 1 ½ oz. vodka, 1 cup ice, 1 ½ oz. pineapple juice and ½ oz. raspberry liquor. Seal the martini shake until it begins to get icy. Empty the soda water and ice from the martin glass and strain in the drink, garnish with the lemon twist and serve.

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