Martini beverages add life to a party, whether it is a birthday, wedding or get-togethers. Furthermore, you can create your own martini recipe by using the ingredients of your choice. A variation of the martini drink is indeed a welcome change. You can make a plain martini or spice up with several variants. Martini beverages are drinks enjoyed by men and women alike.

Here are several martini recipes you could prepare for a part you are hosting or a simple get-together with your family and friends. The Gin Cucumber Martini Recipe needs 1 medium sized cucumber, 2 cups Gin, 3 to 5 tbsp Dry Vermouth, Ice cubes or crushed ice and 1 ½ tbsp sugar syrup. Cut and peel the cucumber into thick slices around ¼ inches per slices and place in a pitcher. Pour gin to the pitcher and cover. Place pitcher in the fridge and allow mixture to stand overnight or a couple of days. Remove the pitcher from the fridge, strain contents to the martini shaker while leaving behind cucumber slices. Add sugar syrup, vermouth and ice and shake vigorously until the ingredients are well mixed. Pour the drink into the glasses and float an olive or cherry.

The Raspberry Vodka Martini is another recipe that will surely make your get-togethers more fun. For ingredients, you will need one cup raspberry flavored liquor, fresh lemon juice, one litter vodka, one pint raspberries rinsed and dried, ice and lime zest for garnishing. Pour 1/3 vodka bottle in a container and set aside. Score raspberries and place in a vodka bottle. Add raspberry liquor into the bottle, add raspberry liquor into the space left in the bottle, seal and leave for around 14 days in a dark area. When the raspberry drink is to be made, add ice, raspberry vodka, limejuice and one part raspberry liquor, shake well, strain, serve in a chilled glass, and then garnish with lime zest.

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