One of the most popular and well-known cocktails of all time is the martini. The fictional character James Bond, Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt were all great fans of the drink.  Regardless of its celebrated reputation the martini origin remains unknown. Its history is mysterious and vague with various theories. Many people claim to have invented this cocktail. With the many theories, there are those that mostly prevailed.

The Jerry Thomas Martini theory is about a legendary bartender Jerry Thomas who worked at a San Francisco hotel called Occidental Hotel. He was known for combining great concoctions and making new cocktails. He was considered by many people to be the father of mixed drinks. It was said that in 1850, a traveler going to Martinez stopped by at the bar for a drink and asked Thomas to make him something special. Thomas then mixed a cocktail that contains vermouth, Old tom gin and Maraschino. He named it Martinez after the traveler’s destination.

The Martinez California martini theory was in 1870 when a gold prospector made it rich by mining gold. To celebrate his great fortune, he went into Julio Richelieu’s Saloon for a champagne. Since the bar was out of champagne, the bartender mixed a special cocktail with an olive garnish in a glass and called t Martinez after the town in California.

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