The Martini drink has come a long way from its basic ingredients to several variations nowadays. Many of the new recipes allow you to indulge in the flavors you like, such as fruits and chocolate while others substitute the gin with a different spirit or use a different garnish instead of the olive.

The martini drink means sophistication, allure and a delicious drink that holds a place in history. Known as the ‘King of Cocktails’ the Martini never goes out of style. Most bar menus around the world are dedicated to Martini drinks. The drink remains on the cutting edge of drink fashion and is continuously reinventing itself. The Martini remains strong and steady throughout the world with no translation needed.

Some very popular Martini variations to choose from include the Chocolate Martini, Apple Martini, Emerson, Dirty Martini, Diamond Martini, Good Times, Vesper Martini, Icy Spicy Martini, Lemon Drop Martini, Pink Gin, Punch recipes, Vodka Martini, Jean Harlow Cocktail and more. This drink remains to be the favorite among parties and get-togethers and handed down from generation to generation. There are more Martini recipe variations on the internet. You can make on to surprise and please friends and family on your next party.

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