There are many methods of grilling that you can use and also several grilling heat sources. The methods of grilling depend on the food you will grill, including steaks, poultry, fish, seafood and vegetables. The key to effective grilling is customizing the techniques and equipment use to suit the food in order to get the desired results.

Below are some methods of grilling:

1. Direct heat grilling, considered as the most common method of grilling. This can be accomplished using gas, charcoal wood and other source of heat. In this method, the heat is usually high and is great for searing.

2. Indirect grilling is another method where food is cooked with reflected or indirect heat. Food is not placed over the direct heat source and with the lid covered. If ever the food should be placed over the source of heat, temperature should be low for the food to cook indirectly.

3. Smoking is a grilling method that has a more specialized approach. This can only be done outdoors with the use of a charcoal or gas grill. Moreover, this includes food cooked in a close chamber at low temperature for a longer time.

4. Indoor grilling is a method for indoor cooking using only gas or an electric source of heat. This is great during bad weather.

5. Rotisserie grilling is another method that is becoming more popular. This method of grilling is otherwise known as spit roasting. Food is placed in the chamber with a motorized turn spit or rotating skewer with special ceramic or infrared burners used to product indirect heat in order to cook the food.

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