The Lemon Drop Martini is one of the favorite recipes of the Martini drink. The Lemon martini is a sweet and lemony drink that became very popular in the 70s in California. The drink became a favorite on the West Coast. Some people hinted that this type of Martini drink started in a bar in San Francisco known as Henry’s.

A Lemon Drop Martini is easy to make. You would need 1 &1/2 ounces of Vodka, ½ ounce of Triple Sec, 1 teaspoon of superfine sugar, ¾ ounce of freshly squeezed lemon juice or bottled lemon juice, Lemon Twist or Wedge and ice cubes. In preparing this drink, you have to put a glass in the freeze until it turns frosty cold. Remove the glass from the freezer and rub the rim with lemon and dip the glass in super fine sugar to make an edge of sugar.

Put in Triple Sec, vodka, sugar and the lemon juice in a shaker what is half-filled with ice. Shake well until thoroughly blended then pour strained liquid to the sugar-rimmed Martini glass then garnish with lemon. You should be careful in drinking a Lemon Drop Martini because although it is very sweet, it is also equally potent. This drink is perfect for get-togethers and cocktails.

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