Grilling is a kind of cooking using dry heat applied to the food surface from above or below. It involves plenty of radiant and direct heat and most commonly used for cooking meat cut into pieces or slices. The food for grilling is cooked on a grill, an open grid with heat source below. The heat that transfers to the food is mainly through thermal radiation.

The perfect site for an outdoor grilling is a beautiful backyard where you can relax, play and entertain friends for a great barbecue. Summer is known to be the season for outdoor grilling and barbecue parties. Barbecuing or grilling is a constant tradition around the world. Grilling existed in America ever since the pre-colonial times. Now, it is used for cooking hamburgers and hotdogs as well.

William Wepfer and Melton Lancaster invented the outdoor grill in the year 1960 in Little Rock while they are working for the ARKLA or the Arkansas Louisiana Gas Company. Wepfer was in charged of looking for ways to sell natural gas to the customers of ARKLA. He bought a basic charcoal grill that he re-designed so that natural gas could provide fuel for the grill. Today, there are many homes with outdoor grilling pit on their backyard. This enables them to have great barbecue and enjoy outdoor grilling with family and friends on lovely summer evenings.

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