Enjoy grilling this summer, but make sure to stay safe. When grilling this summer, take time to inspect your propane tank and barbecue and make certain all parts of the burners are free from dirt, rust, blockages and cobwebs. Check out if the hose is in good condition and look for signs of damage, loose or crack connections. A cracked hose could send out propane and once lighted may result in a flame.

Keep the grill clean through removing fat buildup or grease from the grills and the trays below. Do not throw water on grease fire since this could cause the fire to grow which could cause burns. To check the cylinder connections and hoses for leaks by brushing a 50/50 mixture of water and liquid soap to all hoses and connections. Rising bubbles when the valve is turned could indicate a leak. Make sure to repair the hose and tighten connections until there are no more bubbles.

Make sure to replace parts that you are not sure of. Parts for barbecues are available at many hardware stores. Keep children and pets away from the grill all the time, at least one meter away. When grilling, roll up sleeves or wear tight-fitting sleeves. Always keep the lid open when lighting the grill.

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