Want a refreshing summer drink with a kick? Then, you should consider making a strawberry martini. This fruity drink will surely please you and your guests. Martini lovers enjoy a refreshing twist of the cocktail by serving a strawberry martini. Here are two strawberry martini recipes you should make for a successful get-together.

Ingredients for the first recipe include 2 tsp. sugar or Splenda, 5 oz. vodka and 2 cup strawberries. Chill martini glass in the freezer, crush one cup of big strawberries in a bowl and drain the juice into the cocktail shaker. Leave two strawberries for garnishing. Add crushed ice to the cocktail shaker, pour vodka and add sugar or Splenda. Shake vigorously and pour enough sugar on a small plate to cover the surface then remove the martini glass from the freezer. Slice the ends of the two remaining strawberries vertically so there is a slit in the lower half, place them on the glass rim and slide thoroughly around the rim so the surface is wet with the juice. Remove the strawberry and place glass rim down on the plate with sugar to have a sugar rim. Pour shake contents evenly then garnish with a strawberry.

For the second recipe, you need martini glasses, cocktail shaker, milk, sugar, fresh strawberries, ice, knife, vodka and strawberry syrup. Slice two strawberries, and then pour a small amount of milk in a bowl. Pour a small amount of sugar on a plate and dip each glass in the milk to coat the rims. Dip each martini glass to the sugar and stand the glass upright and add a strawberry so that it sits on the glass rim.

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