Try a coffee Martini and enjoy a great alternative with your friends and family. There are hundreds of Martini recipes that you can choose from. Some of them are more extreme variations of the classic one and are considered neat drinks or cocktails. However, the pop culture has redefined the word martini. Most do not have any vermouth or gin but are filled with almost any flavour imaginable in a bar.

Although the Martini drink originated in Europe, these days it is consumed by people throughout the world. In making flavored Martinis, the flavoring is the major method that should be considered. If you want to have a Martini but you still crave for coffee, consider making a coffee Martini. It is a perfect choice for a java junkie. Here is a great expresso Martini that will surely thrill you no end.

You would need 125 ml of freshly brewed coffee espresso and cooled, 60 ml vodka, 90 ml. Tia Maria liquor and ice cubes. When preparing the coffee Martini, you first have to place the Tia Maria, coffee, vodka and ice in a shaker and shake to mix. Strain the mixture and divide in chilled serving glasses. For a little hazelnut flavour, you can use Frangelico liquor instead of vodka. A coffee Martini has high alcohol, presentable and caffeine-rich for that long night of party with family and friends.

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