Everyone loves a good vodka martini. However, did you know the exact amount of vodka martini that you are consuming with each cocktail? Although Vodka Martinis taste really good, there is a large number of calories in the drink, which could be harmful to you later on. While it is a known fact that all alcoholic drinks contain calories, it would be extremely helpful to know the exact calorie content in vodka martinis.

Being aware of the calories contained in a vodka martini drink helps you to get control of your consumption on the drink and warn you of potential health risks of gaining additional fat. The biggest threat of vodka martini calories is that it does not keep you from eating what you normally eat. Actually, alcohol consumption even makes you eat more on several occasions. What this means is that alcohol intake puts more calories in your body than what normally does.

Many people vehemently claim that the calories in a vodka martini drink are very small, but this is not true considering all the repercussions of your consumption. The calories in a martini drink are between two hundred to two hundred twenty-five per glass. An average martini glass weight around three to four ounces and the sweeter the drink is the more calories it contains. Adding olives in the drink also increases the calorie count by an additional fifty percent for each glass. It is necessary to be aware of the calorie content in a vodka martini since it can help you plan a diet regime, especially if you like consuming a couple of martini glasses in a certain evening.

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